Charge Where You Go

Don’t let charging your EV be a chore. With ChargeEZ, you can charge where you go, whether it’s your office, home, while shopping, or at the restaurant. No more waiting and frustration while your EV gets powered up.

ChargeEZ is India’s leading network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, offering the best technology, convenience, and support for drivers, fleets and businesses. Whether you need to charge at home, at work, or on the go, we have a solution for you.

Charging Solution for


Malls and Shopping Centers

Attract and retain more customers by offering an EV charging facility while they shop, contributing to higher footfalls and revenue.

A premium mall with ChargeEZ chargers offers a seamless park and charge experience for its visitors with minimal upfront costs.


Superior EV Charging at your office, your store, your residential or commercial property.

A popular resort uses ChargeEZ chargers for its EV owning patrons ensuring peace of mind and strengthening  its commitment to sustainability.


Smart, flexible EV charging solutions for easy, and reliable fleet management.

Shared mobility cab service, having ChargeEZ stations installed at its hubs and warehouses.  


Charge and chill, where ever you go.

 Rajesh drives a 4 wheeler EV and saves time by finding the charging stations nearby the material loading site. He tracks his charge, savings, and emissions with the app. 

Our Products

Standard Charging

Fast Charging

Plug into the future with ChargeEZ, we provide reliable and convenient EV charging solutions for all types of electric vehicles.

Pay per use / Subscription

Whether you want to pay as you go or seek unlimited access, we have a payment option for you. You can pay per use or sign up for a subscription plan.

Regular AC Charging

Easy to deploy anywhere, cost effective, and uses common plugs at 6A and 16A that can connect to any OEM EV. 

Sale or Opex model

Whether you want a EV Charging solution for personal use, as a public charger or for your fleet, we have a solution for you. Pay for the Charger or for the energy you use.

Fast AC and DC Charging

Charges faster and smarter with CCS / Type 2 compatible chargers linked to the ChargeEZ smart charging management system.

Why ChargeEZ?

  • Smart, flexible and convenient EV charging solutions for businesses, fleets and drivers, with a growing network around the country
  • Access the power of convenience with a park and charge service that leverages the massive 100K+ slot parking network of ValetEZ
  • ChargeEZ gives you a convenient and reliable way to go green and contribute to lower emissions by shifting to clean mobility

Destination Charging

Charge wherever you go, whether it’s at home, work, or on the road.

Contactless Payment

Secure transactions, and digital receipts for your convenience and safety.

Advance Booking

Reserve a charging slot to avoid queues and enjoy a hassle-free charging experience.

Save on charging cost
Charger availability
Wide presence

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