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Offer convenient, reliable and affordable EV charging solutions to your employees, customers and visitors with ChargeEZ.

EV Charging Solutions

What we do?

At ChargeEZ, we specialize in providing electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions tailored to various businesses, catering to a diverse range of industries and establishments. Whether you are a tech park, university, mall, hotel, corporate office, or any other business, our comprehensive EV charging services are designed to elevate your operations and enhance the experiences of your customers, employees, and visitors.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance

Provide dedicated support and maintenance services to ensure the charging infrastructure operates flawlessly, minimizing downtime and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Seamless Integration into Business Environments

Ensure smooth integration of charging stations within the infrastructure of tech parks, universities, and malls, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the aesthetics of the premises.

Future-Proof Solutions for Business Growth

Offer scalable and future-proof charging solutions, ensuring that tech parks, universities, and malls can expand their EV charging infrastructure as their businesses grow.

EV Charging Solutions

Provide premium electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for businesses. Offer flexible and scalable solutions to accommodate varying charging demands.

Reliable Installation

Our team of experts ensures a smooth and reliable installation process, minimizing disruptions to your business operations

Who We Serve?

Malls and Shopping Centers

Attract and retain more customers by offering EV charging facilities during their shopping trips, and increase your sales and revenue. ChargeEZ can help you offer and maintain convenient and fast charging stations at your parking lots, with no upfront cost or hassle for you. You can also leverage our marketing and promotion tools to increase your visibility and reach among our network of EV drivers. Optimize your charging experience by using intelligent software and hardware that communicate with each other and the grid.

Hotels and Hospitality Industry

Appeal to eco-conscious travelers by offering EV charging amenities for your guests, and enhance your guest satisfaction and loyalty. ChargeEZ can help you provide and manage safe and secure charging stations at your property, with minimal cost and hassle for you. You can also offer charging as a complimentary service, or charge a fee to generate extra revenue. ChargeEZ can also help you enhance your brand image and reputation by showing your commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Facilitate EV charging for your patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals, and improve your healthcare quality and efficiency. ChargeEZ can help you integrate and operate smart and scalable charging stations at your facility, with minimal cost and hassle for you. You can also offer charging as a value-added service, or charge a fee to generate extra revenue. ChargeEZ can also help you reduce your carbon footprint and support the environment by using clean and renewable energy sources wherever possible.

Tech Parks and Co-working offices

Provide EV charging services to your employees and visitors, and enhance your corporate image and sustainability. ChargeEZ can help you install and manage smart and reliable charging stations at your premises, with minimal cost and hassle for you. You can also benefit from government incentives, tax deductions, and increased property value. ChargeEZ can also help you market and promote your EV charging service to our network of EV drivers and enthusiasts.

About the features

ChargeEZ’s charging stations are equipped with intelligent software that enables them to communicate with the cloud, the grid and the vehicles. They can also send alerts and notifications to the users and the owners about the status and availability of the stations.

Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and manage power fluctuations. They comply with the highest safety standards with built-in protection mechanisms that prevent over-charging or short-circuiting and protect the EV.

Easy to use and access charging stations. Plug-and-play interface that automatically detects the vehicle type and initiates the charging. QR code scanner that allows users to scan their phones and pay for charging through the EZ app. The app also allows users to find, reserve and navigate to the nearest available station.

ChargeEZ’s charging stations are available in different models, sizes and capacities. They can be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose the type of connector, the level of power output, and combination of chargers that suit your requirement. You can also quickly scale up the number of charging stations as demand grows.

Stay ahead withBusiness Dashboard

Track and optimize your EV charging performance and revenue

Manage and monitor your EV charging stations with ease and convenience. Access real-time data and reports, control your charging settings and fees, and get customer insights and feedback. This helps the businesses to monitor the performance and utilization of their chargers and optimize their pricing and availability. 


 The dashboard shows the number of charging sessions, the duration of each session, the energy consumed, and the revenue generated by each charger. 


Real-time status of each charger, such as online, offline, available, occupied, or faulty. This helps the businesses to ensure the availability of their chargers and troubleshoot in case of issues.


Data from the chargers can be analysed to determine peak demand periods, user behaviour, fuel savings and battery health indicators.


The dashboard allows businesses to remotely control and manage their EV chargers, such as start, stop, pause, resume, or schedule a charging session.

Ever growing benefits


By offering EV charging, you can attract more customers, increase their dwell time and spending, and generate additional income from charging fees or advertising.


Showcase your commitment to sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Save on your energy bills, reduce your maintenance expenses, and qualify for tax incentives and subsidies.


Leverage ChargeEZ’s cloud-based platform that enables you to remotely monitor, control and optimize your charging stations, and access real-time data and analytics.


No need to find a charging station. ChargeEZ brings its chargers right where you park i.e. at the Shopping mall, office, railway station and home etc.