Welcome to ChargeEZ, the EV park and charge platform that makes EV charging easy, ubiquitous, and reliable for consumers and fleet owners.

Our Story

About us.

ChargeEZ is a part of ValetEZ and emerged out of a vision to deliver smart parking and EV charging solutions that help make our cities more sustainable and liveable. We design and develop EV Charging stations and smart charging management solutions and are focused on ensuring that EV charging is easy to access wherever EV users go.

Park and Charge

Parking spaces remain the most promising location for EV users to charge their vehicle. The synergy between ValetEZ’s parking network and ChargeEZ’s proprietary EV charging solutions allow for EVs to recharge at their destination while enabling an integrated experience for consumers and businesses. As cities continue to evolve, such unified approaches hold the promise of revolutionizing urban transportation for the better.

Our Presence

Our Services

Park and Charge: This service allows EV drivers to park their vehicles at any of our partner locations and access our network of charging stations. They can pay for the parking and charging fees using our app or website. They can also view real-time availability, status, and location of charging points using our app or website.
Fleet Management: This service enables fleet owners to manage their EV fleets efficiently and effectively. They can monitor their fleet’s performance, battery status, location, and usage using our dashboard. They can also optimize their fleet’s routing, scheduling, maintenance, and charging using our smart algorithms.
Charging Station Installation: This service helps property owners or managers to install charging stations at their premises and join our network of partners. They can earn additional revenue from parking and charging fees while attracting more customers or tenants. They can also benefit from our technical support, maintenance, and marketing services.

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