Park & Charge!

The Future of Fleet Charging with ChargeEZ.

Reshaping the landscape of fleet electrification by combining smart parking infrastructure with efficient EV charging services. 

Tailored parking and charging solution for

2 Wheeler

Park and charge your 2 wheeler at ChargeEZ, service that brings the charging to you. Whether you are a delivery fleet or a personal user, you can enjoy a hassle-free and eco-friendly ride.

3 Wheeler

Destination charging solution curated for 3 wheeler electric vehicles operating within the city for public transport or delivering goods. Charge wherever you go at your convenience.

4 Wheeler

Multiple slots for 4 wheeler EV fleets with Fast Charging ports. Charge at your depot or find charging station all across your operational zones, avoiding the queues with pre-booking on EZ App.


Unavailability of parking and charging station.

Finding affordable space to park and charge your EV fleet away from the operational zone and driving back to the charging station every time the battery goes down is not really a solution for a scalable business.


Access to tailored and shared Park and Charge solution within your operational zones.

ChargeEZ eliminates this hassle by providing both parking and charging space within the city, right where you need it, making fleet charging convenient and cost-effective.

Park & Charge

Countrywide access to ValetEZ Parking Network

ChargeEZ can leverage its existing parking infrastructure and customer base to install and operate charging stations rapidly and efficiently.

Charge where you park, Simple!

This gives ChargeEZ a wide network of charging spots that can cater to the needs of various fleets. Whether you need charging stations at your depots, hubs or destinations, ChargeEZ can provide you with the best locations and services.

Benefits of ChargeEZ

  • Save time and money

    By using ChargeEZ’s charging stations, reduce your fuel expenses, maintenance costs and downtime. You can also save on your energy bills by using renewable energy sources or smart grid management. You can also qualify for tax incentives and subsidies from the government or other organizations that support the adoption of EVs

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

    Monitor and control your charging stations remotely. You can also access real-time data and analytics that help you understand your usage patterns, driver behavior and revenue streams. You can also optimize your fleet routing, scheduling and dispatching based on the availability and location of the charging stations.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

    Provide a fast and reliable charging service to your drivers and customers. You can also offer them amenities and offers while they wait for charging. You can also improve your customer communication and feedback by using ChargeEZ’s app or website.

  • Grow your business and reputation

    Scale up your fleet operations easily by adding more stations as your demand grows. You can also join ChargeEZ’s network and benefit from its brand recognition and trust among EV drivers. You can also showcase your commitment to sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction by using ChargeEZ’s green and smart technology.


Are you ready to join us?

We want to empower fleets to offer EV charging solutions to their drivers and customers and contribute to a greener and smarter world.

Whether you have a small or a large fleet, we have the right solution for you. Contact us today and get a free consultation and quote from our experts. Let’s make EV charging easy with ChargeEZ.