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Brings charging availability wherever you go and wherever you park. With ChargeEZ, there’s no difference between charging at home or anywhere else; we ensure a seamless and hassle-free charging experience for you.

Welcome to ChargeEZ, dedicated to individuals like you who seek convenient charging solutions for your electric vehicles both at home and wherever your journey takes you.

Why Choose ChargeEZ

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Find charging spots anywhere

Find charging spots anywhere you go, whether you are at home, work or on the go. You can search for charging spots by location, availability, power level or price. You can also see the ratings and reviews of other drivers who have used the charging spots.

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Access charging spots easily

Access charging spots easily, without any hassle or delay. You can reserve your spot in advance, scan the QR code or tap your phone to start charging. You can also use any connector type that suits your vehicle. You don’t need any membership card or RFID tag to access the charging spots.


Pay for charging securely

Pay for charging securely, without any hidden fees or surprises. You can pay through the app using your preferred payment method. You can also see the transparent pricing and billing details of each charging session. You can also get receipts and invoices for your records.


Enjoy a seamless charging experience

Enjoy a seamless and convenient charging experience. You can navigate to the charging spot with ease, plug in your vehicle and start charging with a simple tap. You can also get alerts and notifications about the status and availability of the charging spot. You can also access amenities and offers while you wait for charging.

EZ App: Find, Book, Monitor, and Pay Contactless

1. Find Charging Stations

Our app features an interactive map that shows all nearby charging stations within your vicinity.

Simply open the app, view available charging spots, and choose the most convenient location for your charging needs.

2. Book Charging Spots in Advance

Planning a trip or need assurance of a charging spot? ChargeEZ lets you book charging stations in advance, ensuring a reserved spot upon arrival.

Pre-book your charging sessions through the app and enjoy a stress-free journey.

3. Contactless Payment Options

EZ app supports secure and contactless payment methods, making the payment process effortless and secure.

Link your preferred payment method to the app, and with a few taps, settle your charging fees seamlessly.

4. Real-Time Charging Monitoring

Stay informed about your charging progress in real-time through our app.

Track the status of your charging session, battery level, and estimated charging time to manage your schedule effectively.